This Week in Wellness

For all Benefits Eligible Employees:

This summer we will be offering a 6 Steps to a Stress-free Workplace course from the Virginia Private Colleges Benefits Consortium in conjunction with the American Institute of Preventative Medicine. This 6-week course start June 8th at 12pm. If you are interested please register on beBetterif you are not an active beBetter participant please email Kate, at

If you are interested in learning more about SSM feel free to attend May’s Live and Learn session on Understanding Stress on Wednesday. This session will be an introduction to SSM as well as an open forum for questions about the course.

For Benefits Incentive Eligible Employees:

  • The 3rd Earning Period started Sunday, May 1st for the September Wellness Incentive. The employee or employee and spouse must earn 100 points prior to Saturday, July 30th and be enrolled in the Roanoke College medical plans.
  • Congratulations you’ve made it hal-way through the GoGreen Challenge !  It’s week four and this week the challenge will help you learn the basic rules of healthy shopping! Continue to track your fruit and vegetable servings on beBetter

Kate Smith, Wellness Advocate, will be available for coaching throughout the month of May. To schedule an appointment time please contact Kate via email at or by phone at (540)855-7784. Earn 50 points for completion of a coaching session. Health coaching is available to all employees, not just beBetter participants. 

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